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    G'day fellas

    Good advice already. Start with a razor that has been pro honed. Worth the minimal cost and will get you going on the right foot

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    G'day fellas

    Hey Rob,
    If no other options present themselves then onimaru55 is in Sydney and hones professionally. It's worth trying a properly honed edge

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    Hi Guys, help with lapp a ston!

    Oil works and works well. It was traditionally use with many stones for many years.

    The problem is, it is messy and can get smelly.

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    Michael Waterhouse custom club.

    I know what you mean. It has a very small shoulder on it unless he didn't really put what he calls one on it. I looked at the website for him & looked

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    Wade and Butcher For Barbers Use WR - a rare one

    I have a Boker that is crocus polished on one side and the other isn't. They had another model that was the exact same razor, but was crocus on both sides.

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    WB covered tang.

    +1... That's what I would do as well...except that I don't have an ultrasonic cleaner, so I would just give it to Zak to do for me!

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