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    What are you working on?

    I've been working on this one off & on. It has Ivory scales & they are old looking at how yellow they are & there is no makers name on it.

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    Fixing warped ivory.

    With that little warp i would not worry about it. Ivory is hard and might crack or break. I had rather have a small imperfection like that than a big

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    diferent natural stone honing method?

    So I kind of want to resurrect this discussion.

    When I received my first coticule years ago, I actually did this as a way to rectify some

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    Fixing warped ivory.

    It's ivory. No collars, passed hot pin test.

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    Date of a Wade & Butcher

    Looks like the Cornucopia or horn of plenty. A fairly common etching. I believe that etchings became popular in the 1850's and according to the 'Standard

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    Today's Workout Thread

    Db bench press 27.5, 32.5, 37.5, 42.5kg x8
    Db incline press 32.5kg x8 x4
    Db decline press 32.5kg x8 x4
    Db flyes 17.5kg x8 x4

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