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    Multiple questions

    I keep my canola oil in a new 1 gal paint can. I use a double boiler arrangement and a candy thermometer on a camp stove to heat it while I'm bringing

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    Hello SRP!

    Welcome to SRP. There are quite a few of us in the pacific northwest and we just had a 20 person meet-up last month. Please ask any questions you may

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    Hello - the Curse/Luck of EBay?

    So obviously I'm new. I've been on the fence about straight razors for a few years now (DE shaver) and for some odd reason got the itch to finally take

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    Cut of the Day

    momentary lapse in concentration

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    the exaggerated art of straight razor shaving; begginner's adivce

    The reason you might have gotten some grief here is not everyone learns at the same level, my first shave was a WTG and ATG shave, I'm one of the rare

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    Finished My Shorty

    When I seen it I didn't know it was a shorty either till I seen one of the photos and the box was only 5 1/2 inches long. Once I seen that I got excited

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