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    They probably filter it a little bit, no chunks or anything. It looks pretty flawless. The lid does have some brown stuff stuck to it...

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    Recommend a strop

    The leather. Some leathers are far more expensive than others. While a heavy investment may make sense for gloves, or shoes, the leather itself does not

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    Welcome to the forum!

    First recommendation is a pro-hone and a strop, once you get the feel of how to maintain a razor then dive into the

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    Recommend a strop

    English bridle in general is a great strop material and I know SRD products to always be top notch.

    Thanks for the links, I enjoyed the article.

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    Nice to join SRP,
    Been DE shaver for 20 years, no experience as a straight razor user.
    Been reading alot, your Library is Awesome.

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    May you give me some tips on identifying genuine DOVO razors?

    Just a recap... got the razor. VERY good factory edge as usual... shaving quite nicely. Not the best edge in the world, but perfectly capable of a shave.

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