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    by Published on 07-25-2017 05:12 PM
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    Razor: Tanifuji Maxfli
    Strop: Kanayama 70
    Soap: Razor Master Uula
    Brush: Seking Boar
    Aftershave #1: Thayer’s WH
    Aftershave #2: Clubman SR
    Talc: Clubman

    by Published on 01-29-2017 12:36 PM
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    The straight razor world not only carries a colorful ritual, but it also has a colorful history. Straight Razor Place Mentor and historian Martin103 gives us a glimpse into the story of the straight razor.

    OBIE: What is the history of the western style straight razor? When did they come into use, as we know them?

    MARTIN: There is plenty of evidence found on paintings and illustrations going back to the 15th Century. ...
    by Published on 04-29-2017 04:39 AM
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    Straight Razor Place members created a thread on the forum that highlights the hones that are used on their razors. Hones of all types are shown in use, from man-made to naturals. Drop in from time to time and see what hones are currently being used, not to mention some beautiful razors.

    "Hone Of The Day"

    Enjoy the journey,,,,,

    by Published on 02-24-2017 01:49 AM
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    One of the many pleasures experienced in the shave community, is the use of equipment that is often decades or centuries old. Possibly the greatest pleasure is experienced by the individuals who take these icons of yesteryear and breathe life back into them. Restoration professionals take their work seriously and deliver to us a gift that will keep on giving for decades to come.

    Straight Razor Place is fortunate to have many restoration professionals in it's membership. Keep an eye on this article, as it will often highlight their remarkable work. To see this restoration process, follow the link below.

    Triton 7/8 Restoration

    Enjoy the journey,,,,,

    by Published on 02-24-2017 04:30 AM
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    Honing with a Nagura stone is a method that many of us shy away from; probably due to a lack of understanding in their history and use. Follow the link below to an article written by Straight Razor Place member Mainaman where you can get some insight into this method of honing.

    Enjoy the journey,,,,

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    What is your fragrance of the day?

    Yes, for sure on the musty old pages and leather, but not in a bad way.
    As to the Patchouli, no I really didn't. But a lot of colognes don't smell

    Dieseld Today, 10:27 AM Go to last post

    Japanese Straights

    I can see it's genuine just never seen that style of stamp great aquisition congratulations.

    celticcrusader Today, 10:25 AM Go to last post

    Japanese Straights

    That is exactly what it looks like, congrats Tony!

    Srdjan Today, 10:17 AM Go to last post

    Japanese Straights

    Thanks Jamie.

    The top two are of the photos I initially posted. I can obviously only post clearer definitions once the razor is in hand.

    Thug Today, 10:16 AM Go to last post

    Japanese Straights

    That's a fine looking Iwasaki Tony I've not seen that stamp version before could you post up a few more close ups of the tang markings both sides.

    celticcrusader Today, 09:48 AM Go to last post

    8" x 2" stone in box marked 1896 -- what is it?

    I use concentrated Simple Green for stone cleaning. It will turn Washitas white if they were originally white. I've tried TSP as well but it doesn't do

    eKretz Today, 09:24 AM Go to last post
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