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Thread: Stropping between hones?

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    So, if the goal is to get the edge as straight as possible, get the edge as straight as possible, whatever it takes.

    Stropping remove any flash or “burr” on the edge and straightens it, prior to putting it on the next stone. Kind of like sanding, and brushing off the dust of the previous grit of paper.

    This is not a new technique; it has been used for years and documented by Iwasaki in the 60’s.

    Lately, I have been experimenting stropping on leather, then paste with good results. I believe the leather straightens the edge, then paste polishes it further. Granted, we are talking minuscule improvements, but isn’t that what we are talking about?

    It does no harm and takes but a minute.

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    The only use I have found for stropping before finishing the honing process is checking if I am on the right track and didn't mess up something previously. I haven't found it to aid in achieving a great edge faster, but that's just me.
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    I don't usually strop before fishing but I can understand it benefits. When I find that my finished edge isn't to my satisfaction, going back and forth between strop and hone helps me zero in on the edge I want.

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    See this article on diamond plates.

    In particular the paragraph at the end with pictures showing the cross section of the apex after dmt 325.

    Also the whole site is a good resource for understanding what is happening to the apex and experimentally optimal edges for shaving.
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