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Thread: Veho

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    Default Veho

    Can anyone give me a few pointers on how to use the bloody thing. I have issues with holding everything in position, glare is also a challenge.

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    So, first make sure you take the lens cover off… you would be surprised.

    The magnification is at the extreme ends of the focus knob, low on one end, high on the other, it is either or, not a progressive magnification.

    For a razor edge, you have to be right on the edge or touching it to focus.

    Make sure your stand is tight to the scope, mine was loose, I shimmed it with a small piece of foam until it was tight.

    Use a weight to hold the base steady, (computer keyboard works well).

    Experiment with different color backgrounds, black, 6mm craft foam and or white foam. Experiment with different positions of the scales, for me scales 90 degrees away from the spine and hanging off the edge, of a 6mm foam pad, so the bevel is perpendicular to the lens.

    Experiment with scope angles and additional lighting. Different angles will dramatically change the angle as will lighting.

    Wipe your bevel with a microfiber and a clean paper towel to remove as much dust and swarf from the bevel.
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    I'm going to assume that more interested, and informed parties will see this in the honing forum, than in miscellaneous shaving, so I'm moving it there. Hopeful that Euclid's excellent post will set you right.
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    Veho, will work better with a stand. Handheld is a PITA to use. I rarely use mine because of that reason

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    A photography focusing rail (available from Amazon $20 or so) mounted to a vertical surface works well as a adjustable stand. USB Microscope

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