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Thread: Honing on Wet & Dry… Oh no…

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    Quote Originally Posted by eKretz View Post
    Exactly! Just because something can be done doesn't mean that anyone can do it. I can just see the noob thinking "oh that curled wet/dry won't matter, the razor will push that right down as it goes over it."
    Sorry, if after reading anything on honing on this forum, especially any of the many instructional threads, a noob runs his razor over a non flat surface he deserves whatever he gets.

    I've been using 1000 wet dry to set bevels for over a decade now. Thats all you use 1000 anything for. I think a single piece of paper does about a dozen razors, I don't really know since I usually ruin the paper some other way than by wearing it out. That said I don't think I have used $20 in paper in 10+ years. Its cheap and its as easy as a hone in my book. You can't say it doesn't wook or shouldn't be used.
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    Yup, I first learned about it years ago in your post, in the WIKI. Your posts are still there Tim, thanks.

    Apparently, it was, an accepted technique in the day.

    Some Super 77 spray glue on a lapped glass or ceramic tile or just tape the edges down with blue painter’s tape, if you think the curling ends might be a problem, but they really, are not.

    This fora, has always been anti-film, by some…

    Using micro abrasive film

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    That all is as may be, but we all know a noob most likely wouldn't even worry about things being out of flat. That's why they're called noobs! I have used abrasive film myself and still sometimes do, I haven't got any problems with it.

    All that said, I don't know why anyone would want to use 1000 grit film to set a bevel when things like the Chosera 1k and Shapton 1.5k & 2k are out there. Those are very easy, pleasurable and effective hones to use, and they don't run out for quite a long time.

    This all mostly academic anyway; any method we choose is just the one we prefer or want to try. It's all based on opinion or curiosity for the most part.

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    Since I have small stones I use film and have been for several months. 15 mic (1200 grit) film on a piece of glass and get consistent uniform edges. Only reason I use the film is because I am in the process of getting full size stones and the film is free one other reason I kinda like the film on glass is it is always flat plus I have a nice big work area to just hone away
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