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    Default DMT (again) Wear

    Anyone who uses the DMT D8C for lapping their hones should feel free to respond here. Anyone for that matter who uses a DMT... Do you notice any wear on the diamond surface of the plate from lapping? I lapped 5 "different" stones today (4 Norton Grits, and one CHinese 12k) and noticed at the edge of the DMT, it looked as though the diamond had somewhat worn down and maybe it was just the Nickel visible underneath. Is this common? I don't see why the diamond surface would get "worn" since it isn't supposed to. Or perhaps this just happens with time and use. Any comments?

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    The surface of these hones change in appearance as you use them. My 1200 is all rust-colored from the metal slurry rusting as I hone. My 325 is mottled looking and changes color based on the last barber hone I lapped with it. They both still cut just fine, though.

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    Run your fingernail over the shiny nickel; if it catches, it's still cutting. They wear smoother after a little use. Gives you a finer finish.

    The DMT in my avatar has seen heavy use for over 20 years (on knives and hardened tool steels, including light use on carbides). It has discolored areas and on one end it shows a small patch of nickel, but the patch still cuts.

    I think all my DMT's are just wearing "in" instead of "out". Maybe the avatar DMT has lasted so long because I use very little pressure on it. It actually seems to cut better with light pressure (IMO).

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