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Thread: Why tape the spine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leighton View Post
    I can't tell the difference between a razor I taped and one I haven't. When I'm honing much less steel needs to be removed with the razor taped. So much less wear on my Nanis....
    Rereading my post leads me to believe it needs some clarification.

    By less steel needing to be removed I merely meant that the steel on the spine is not being removed by the hone as well as the steel on the edge. The steel on the spine can actually be quite a bit if its a wedge. Hence my comment about so much less steel. Its not as true for hollows as it is for wedges.

    As for less steel being removed from the edge, its a higher angle, so less steel would be needed to create the bevel if the razor was breadknifed. BUT if the bevel is there, there is no difference in number of strokes and metal removed. IME.

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    i have seen jsut one true wedge razor

    and i made it also i tape but thats cause i know that i can get a good edge on a razor like that and most buyers will fine tune to what there face likes (grit/ polish of the edge )

    so far as the spine to edge hight ?
    here is what i liek to go by but there is a wide range of spine thickness out there
    5/8and smaller 1/8 ish
    6/8 3/16
    78 and larger i like 1/4 thick spine

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