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    Quote Originally Posted by Lesslemming View Post
    no, I am not worried the dmt will wear down, but I am worried it will eventually get sucked to the hone and I have a hard time getting it off,
    because at 1mm I think theres nothing to grab (that was my initial question)
    I haven't seen one of those credit-card size DMTs - are they coated on both sides? If they aren't, you could always epoxy glue a block of wood or something to it...?

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    thanks jimmy, DMT credit card it is for me. I will buy one

    thanks zib, unfortunately I had to justify slurrying earlyer in this post.
    I just donīt see any reason why NOT to do, or at least try it.
    It is not true that itīs a waste of hone. I am not going to rubb a 320 grit stone over the surface all the time,
    I think it would take a loooong time to use up a 3cm thick stone with a 1.2k credit card. I slurried my suitas for years now and not even my tiny suita slurry-stone made of a small piace of suita is used up. Not a bit.
    Overly lapping is a waste of hone, slurrying certainly is not.
    But I understand your points of view and respect them
    and thank you all for giving me the informations that I needed to decide

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