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Thread: Looking for a few Naniwa users !!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeauxLSU View Post
    So this kinda sounds like "one stone honing." Or, am I imagining things? I have a set of Nortons, 220/1k, 4k/8k, and a ChiCom 12K. It oughta work on those, shouldn't it?

    Yes it will, and No not quite the same as the one stone hone...

    There are a few vids on youtube of the naniwas and the shaptons just search gssixgun

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    I am so trying this out when I get my Naniwa set. Thank you so much for sharing this gssixgun and to everyone who participated in testing it, why I love this site so much.

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    An older thread, but I feel it is pertinent I share my experience with this system, or I should say, part of this system. I have 3 razors I had set the bevel on and run through a pyramid starting at 15 on the Norton 4k/8k last night. I was planning on finishing them with 100 laps or so on a Chinese 12k, but a search for 12k slurry brought me to this thread. So instead of a couple hours of honing, I built a light slurry on the 12k, with about 5-7 rounds of the slurry stone that comes with the Chosera, and went through the dilution progressions/slow-light strokes at the end. I can't say for sure whether it's having a better bevel set with my new Chosera, or if it was the finishing process, but these are the smoothest, most keen edges I have ever gotten. I really think the slow-light laps on an essentially dry stone are where this happens.

    I have a good 20 razors that need better bevels set (the norton 1k was too slow for my attention span a year ago), so I have a nice amount of honing coming up. I will try the full system with only the Naniwa 1k, Norton 4k/8k, and PHIG 12k and see what happens. Thank you so much for shaving (pun intended...) my honing times down Glen!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FloorPizza View Post

    This method was made for the Choseras. I just got done taking five practice blades through, sticking exactly to your "recipe".

    The results were fantastic.
    I concur.
    Over the past month or so I have tried this system out now and then.
    I would say about 8 razors went thru this system.

    I agree With FloorPizza, this seems made for the Chosera stones.
    Very easy, and very reliable, good results.
    Thanks a lot Glen for posting this.
    Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years....

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