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Thread: Where do I go from here?

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    HI Geoff,

    I see the original post is pretty old now; did you get the $20 coti? I'd have recommended the Naniwa12k myself; I've tried 3 or 4 cotis and only one of them has been a good finisher. Maybe they all were bit I only clicked with the one...

    The beauty of the Naniwa is that everyone's N12k is like everyone else's, so it's easier for you to apply the lessons someone else learned on their own. I found it to be surprisingly fast, and it revealed a significant gap between my Norton 8k and a couple of my natural finishers. Those finishers (one's a coti) are much more useful to me now.

    I consider my N12k a landmark stone. I'll test a blade coming off it, then try another finisher and decide whether I've gone forward or back. It's been a big help as I continue to learn about blades and hones.
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    No roughkype I didn't get it (it finished at over $100.00), however, I did get one from a vendor here which should be arriving next week.
    My jnat arrived yesterday, though.
    I know nothing about them or how to use them so it will be fun learning.
    So far I've lapped it and noticed that it produces a very fine, sticky mud like slurry.
    I finished a Burrell 'Top Flight' on it yesterday and shaved with it today.
    The edge is sharper than what I was getting off my PHIG and smooth too (3 nicks and one minor cut)
    I started with slurry, using pigtail strokes, and slowly diluted to water until the edge felt smooth on the hone.
    I don't know if this is the 'correct' method with a jnat, but, it seemed to work.
    I'll get a naniwa SS 12k later on, when funds permit.
    Thanks for all the advice.
    Hang on and enjoy the ride...

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