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Thread: Ode to the X-Pattern stroke

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    I have found that X-strokes work well for a more refined edge even on 3" wide stones', but yes it's not as pronounced as with a with a narower hone. it's does in my opnion make for more complete coverage of the edge if there is even the smallest of warp to it. BUT when I use my PHIG which is a 2"'er I use the x-stroke with 2 hands to make certain I keep a flat and even contact with the surface of the PHIG[compacted Chinese mud I believe].
    With a 3"'er I can use one hand with most confidence.

    Just my input, Not a honmiester me, just my own razors that I hone, and this is what my experience has tought me.

    Have a great week on me, tinkersd.
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    The X-stroke is the most agile, efficient, effective, and accurate stroke I know. Why is it? I don't know. It just feels right and accommodates me. What I do know is that I won't retire it!
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    I like the X stroke because I like parallel lines. If you really lock in the wrists and zone in on the stroke, the striations on the edge under magnification look like this: \\\\\\\\

    I find that pleasing.

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