I bought what I can only guess is a made in Pakistan damascus blade. The only reason that I got it was because it was pretty and looked like something that I would build. The blade needed to be reshaped and the bevel reset. It gives a good shave once all is said and done. How well it holds up in the long run, I can't say just yet. What I bought from another seller and what nomi4sad sells are near wedges. Judging by the pictures, his goods would need to have the bevels reset. At those prices, I'd keep looking. Mine was a fun project but nothing close to being shave ready out of the box. I didn't pay much for mine so I consider mine a good learning experience.

What you really want to look out for is all that file work on the spine. Might scar up a soft strop. Also, avoid razors with metal liners in the scales. Eventually they will nick the