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    Default what do you think?

    is this fake one or real?

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    I was wondering about that as well.

    However, given that the seller also sells these (20555818530) as shave ready, I am extremely skeptical.

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    A low price for a Solingen razor with a best offer option no less. I wish the guy had posted a photo of the tang. I'd like to see if Solingen is stamped on the blade and not just on the box. There is a law in Germany .... and maybe worldwide .... that if it is marked made In Solingen that it has to be completely manufactured there IIRC. Looking at his other items I see he has a few of these + a couple of vintage razors. Maybe he bought a closeout lot in a one off deal ? Someone needs to buy one to know for sure and I have other fish to fry.
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    take a look at this link, maybe we can get more info to use in researching this... Razor knife Razolution Model Brushed Aluminum

    and this one
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