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    Question Evaluate this blade please

    Are the small near-vertical lines on the back of this blade indicative of cracking, and does the shadow indicate some pretty healthy nicks that aren't as apparent when looking at the blade itself?

    Thanks - Dave

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    I am no expert, but after seeing the shadows I decided I don't want to have to deal with this razor. I'd only get it if it were dirt cheap


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    Good observation, Dave.

    The edge is damaged and will take quite a bit of work with a regular honing stone to remove them.

    The other flaw you pointed out may not be cracks, but a "clump" of rust that had been removed by the owner of the razor. It is not uncommon for fingers of rust to spider its way across the surface of a blade when they are neglected. What you are probably looking at is the pitting left behind after the removal.

    If it were cracks, they would extend all the way to the edge of the blade. I have never seen a crack that was confined to the centerline of the blade. That doesn't mean that the photo wasn't doctored to hide them, however. So, I would ask the seller if there are cracks anywhere on the razor to make sure.

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    The nicks are to big. I would not buy it at any price.
    Randolph Tuttle, a SRP Mentor for residents of Minnesota & western Wisconsin

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    Default buy this razor

    Wow by the time you honed the cracks out of this you would be looking
    at a 3/8 razor....Unless it is really cheap, and you enjoy back breaking
    elbow churning work with a 1k hone pass on it..It would take about (doing
    it my way..sloooowwwlllyy) 1 hour to get rid of the nick and then another
    15 min to hone the thing to where I would be happy with it...Unless
    this was a LARGE 6/8 or larger razor....pass.....If a nick is bigger then
    half the size of the nail on your pinkie (supossing you do not have
    pinkies like Shaq then it is too far gone..I have salvaged some razors
    just because I liked them, but with a chunk o steel that size gone..
    you will hone your fingers to the bone...and what do you get...boney fingers
    of course....

    jim boning up in Gold Bar

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    Quote Originally Posted by randydance062449
    The nicks are to big. I would not buy it at any price.
    Me too... ...

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