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Thread: just noticed it Dovo + strop on ebay finishes on 4 hours

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    Default just noticed it Dovo + strop on ebay finishes on 4 hours

    for those interested I have the very same model and I recommend it.

    according to the seller (it is not me) he opened the razor box just to take the pictures.
    Dovo Straight Razor with Free Leather Strop | eBay

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    I don't understand how the bidders justified to themselves going so high? You buy a razor and a strop based on some random internet guy's word that there is nothing wrong with the razor - he just opened the box to take pictures.
    Then you have to spend extra money to send said razor for honing and wait few more weeks before you can shave.

    Or for the exact same price or less you can buy the same razor from a highly reputable company, already honed, and purchase the strop separately, shave right away, and have a guarantee that the razor is not going to come up with a surprise.
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    Gugi, I have seen people bid for used beat up extension ladder, more money than it would have cost to drive into the nearest town, and purchase the same exact model brand new.
    There is no excuse for such ignorance, and no explanation for such stupidity. I worry for the state of humanity.

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