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    Default Honemeister in Zuerich, Switzerland?

    Hi all and a happy new year!

    I've moved to Zuerich a while ago and I can't find a proper honemeister here, while my straight has become a bit dull and stropping no longer helps. Does anyone know of a honemeister in either canton Zuerich or Schwyz who's been "tried" and is worth recommending?

    I've found lots of people who sharpen knives and try their hardest to convince others that it's the same (I can sharpen knives quite well but I'm not confident with an SR yet), but I'd rather not have my Dovo butchered, so please let me know if you've personally used someone local here.

    It's important since I want to first know how it's supposed to feel when it's done properly and then learn to do it on my own when I get some more time.

    Thanks very much,
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