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Thread: Need Some Help With My First Razor: Restorable? Hone? First Shave Recs?

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    Hi first of all welcome! I'm quite new myself but have some shaves under my belt. What has helped me tremendously is the SRP wiki
    And if there are any questions don't hesitate to ask the members. Good luck on cleaning your razor and enjoy
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    Hi and welcome. Good to see a razor get use for a second generation of a family. Check out the library for all the starter info and the basics of Sr shaving. Any questions feel free to ask. Ed
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    Quote Originally Posted by nun2sharp View Post
    Every honer has a comments section, please read the reviews.
    Nahh "Comments" are gone but the old feedback section is still there if anyone bothered to leave feed back in past years. It also seems disabled now.
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    If it were my razor given to me by family such as yours, I'd leave it alone except for honing. Like others here have said also, get yourself a nice strop and enjoy the ride. Be methodical on the strop, go slow and get the mussel memory down pat. Very little pressure, edge trailing, spine leading, go to the other end of the strop, stop, turn it with your fingers and return. Good stropping is a must. When you use it on your face go slow, prepare your beard well, use light pressure, stretch the skin and do what you can as you can and it gets better with experience.

    Yep, I'd want to enjoy grandpa's razor as is. But, that's me.

    Well done. Good luck.



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    there are videos on proper care for a straight razor on u tube. also there is lots of videos on how to use the razor. the men in the videos are very good at showing and explaining the use of the straight razor. go to the internet and type in Lynn Abrams straight razor videos. I believe from there you can not only watch and listen to him but also find many more videos of other members on wet shaving. good luck and welcome. GSSIXGUN has good videos on care and repair of straights. I'm still new here and there are so many knowledgeable members that not only can but are very willing to help.

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