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Thread: 1st time using a razor

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    It's entirely up to you. Since nobody here knows you the advise you get is basically a projection of what worked for the person who is giving you the advise.

    Regardless of how are you going to cut the hair, the preparation makes enormous difference and it's really easy to figure out. Get yourself a shaving brush and a good soap/cream (do spend the $10 on proraso/bigellow because that's the wrong place to cut costs) and then take the half an hour to make lather over and over until you figure out how to do it properly - you start with a bit of cream, then swirl the brush over adding a little bit of water gradually until the lather forms and then breaks down because you have added too much water; with few tries you'll find out when to stop.

    Then you can use a disposable, cartridge razor, DE, shavette, straight razor, just make sure the blade is sharp and you don't use pressure (the cartridge razors and to some extent disposables are pretty much designed for people who bear down on their skin).

    Which particular method to pick depends on your temperament - you can be successful with any of them. If you want instant results a single blade bic disposable is probably best as it has the shallowest learning curve. Single blade scraping your skin at each pass = less irritation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kettlebell View Post
    There is no right or wrong answer, I would say learn both straight and DE shaving techniques. Mix it up a little
    Yes I agree with this quote mix it up a little. Welcome to the forum.

    Have a great shave.


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    Quote Originally Posted by edhewitt View Post
    Ok,ok so a shavette isnt a great option, but it was just a thought.
    No, it's entirely valid, just not for me that's all, still a good option though
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