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Thread: 12k Naniwa vs Barbers Hone

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    Quote Originally Posted by onimaru55 View Post
    Depends on the barber hone. You may get lucky or need to buy several. The Nani 12k is a certainty.
    Are ya feeling lucky ?
    However with a little research you can narrow that down substantially to some select barber hones and seek out one in good condition. They are an inexpensive option for the most part. There a couple that often go for crazy prices.
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    So I think I see the hint of a trending response
    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cubancigar2000 View Post
    Thx for correcting me, you are correct. I would still get the 10K

    I've never tried the 10K so I can't really comment but the Naniwa 12K is one of the best finishers on the market. But having used both Nanaiwa SS and Chosera stones my take on both these stones are as follows, you won't get a smoother or better edge off the Chosera range over the Naniwa SS and the only benefits I see personally are the Chosera stones cut quicker need less lapping, because both stones are made by the same manufacturer I would say if the mark the Naniwa SS a 12K and the Chosera down as a 10K then logically I would say the 12K would probably be the better finisher.
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    +1 on the 12k and have used it all this year with consistent results
    I also got a pike swaty barbers hone not long ago and started finishing on it after the 12k with my last hone session and feel it improved it slightly
    But I also have finished on chrox then Ferox on the balsa after the 12k and the pike which I found these improved some smoother and made some harsher
    The joy of learning hones LOL
    I have only honed about 40 odd straights some of them a couple of times,
    So your results may vary also
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    I have had several barbers hones and they are ok but the 12k Naniwa is a little better. also further down the road you might want to go the 20K as the final finisher. I really like them both. all I have read and heard here on the place about them both are true.

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