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Thread: Stropping technique and regiment +Pulling?

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    I used to be a strop junkie and do 50-100 laps on the strop before and after now I pretty much cut that count by 2/3 and have no issues, you can strop as much as you like but for me doing say 100 laps over the 25-30 I do now yields no additional benefit to the edge. YMMV
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    it could be several things going wrong. your technique has a lot to do with how well a razor shaves. and bad stropping doesn't help at all. if your stropping is spot on, 20-30 laps will suffice. and if its not then any stropping can affect the edge. you can watch videos all day long and you get an idea, but like was mentioned before it takes time to master stropping once you do then 20-30 works , 100-200, really makes a happy razor edge, it does make it smoother and laser straight.

    look for a mentor in your area and advance your shave. but if you had a well known hone pro hone your razor and you didn't strop it dull then its more than likely your technique that needs work Tc
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