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Thread: Vintage Razor vs New Razor

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    For a newcomer to straight razors, the most important thing is to get a razor that has been properly honed by someone who knows what they are doing. It does not make much difference whether the razor is new, new old stock, or vintage as long as it is truly shave ready. Not every razor advertised as shave ready is capable of giving a great shave. Thus, check out the forum and find those vendors who are able to provide truly shave ready razors, whether new or vintage.

    When you are new to straight razors and have a problem getting a decent shave, you are never quite certain whether the problem is with the razor or your shaving technique. By getting your razor from a reputable vendor who has properly honed it, you rule out the equipment problem.

    Also, if you get a razor that has been honed properly, try to shave with it the first time without stropping the razor. When you are new, it is very easy to roll the edge of a razor by improper stropping technique. After you shave with it once, then try stropping. Just be sure to use minimal pressure on the strop and go slow until you develop proper technique and muscle memory.
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    Welcome and have fun.

    I think the best values in badger brushes are:
    Vintage Blades Finest. HERE
    Stirling Finest Fan HERE

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    Only new production blades I've tried were to Japanese, which were very fine shavers but not mine, and a Hart Steel which I was not impressed with and sold it. I have always preferred vintage and absolutely love NOS. I've owned 2 NOS razors, a Paul Shultz which was nice but a shorty and I ended selling and a Fromm Red Head, a very nice shaver which I still own and passing down to my grandson.
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    +1 on:
    1. not wanting to discourage you but if what you want is a great shave to start growing a new beard from zero.. and this is a one time thing... you should visit a good barber.
    2. if you want to learn how to shave you will have to renounce to grow a beard for a while, it takes practice to get even close to having the technique for an amazing shave yourself.
    3. vintage is as good as new, providing the vintage is in good shape, which from ebay is difficult to know, better buy something from our classifieds.. if you buy anew one, at least you know you have warranty depending on the store... buy from one of the stores announced in this forum. they are reputable and have the best honemeisters.. otherwise buy a shave ready from the forum.

    good look with your project and welcome to the forum!!
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