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Thread: Shavette vs STraight

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    Default Shavette vs STraight

    I’m a newbie, about a month into SR Shaving. I’ve been using a Feather Shavette until this morning when I did my first shave with a brand new Dovo Best. It came “shave ready”, a fact which of confirmed with Razor Emporium where I purchased it
    The noticed that the result was a far lesss close shave than the Shavette, although I must say it was far more forgiving. Do I need to put a little more pressure on the straight or is it my angle? I’d really appreciate your feedback

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    Quote Originally Posted by alschepis View Post
    Do I need to put a little more pressure on the straight or is it my angle? I’d really appreciate your feedback
    No. Just shave the lather. If there is still some stubble remaining then do another pass.
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    More than likely it is the angle. As Benz said, just shave the lather with as little pressure as you can.
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    A. I don't have any history with that I don't know how their "shave ready" compares to that I've experienced using the Hone-misters of the SRP community - so a disclaimer...
    B. I do have a lot of Feather/Kai (DX, RG, SS, Fixed, Folding - Pro, Guide, Kai Pink, Dorko blades) time and I have a few years of conventional Straight Razors..
    C. "Feather Sharp" is just different than Shave Ready Straight...and you pegged it - working with a Feather can be un-forgiving - distractions, landing errors, too much pressure or angle and there will be blood. But they are breathtakingly sharp...

    See if you can find a mentor in your area and have that Dovo Best checked out.
    The fact that you can shave with a Feather tells me that you have the basics more than covered...
    The change to conventional Straight is an adjustment that you should be able to handle in short order.
    Remember that proper stropping is key to edge care and maintenance - and that bad stopping is a express train to disappointing shaves...(another thing to work with your mentor)

    For travel the Feather system - A DX in a toothbrush holder and a couple of blades in a carrier and I'm set for a couple of months if I don't dink it on the hard to beat.

    But for every day I am hooked on the comfort and calm that comes with using a conventional straight - be it a year old from one of our members or 140 years ago in England...

    Smooth Shaving...
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    For with the grain passes, I use the weight of the blade, with a somewhat firm hand. For across the grain or against, my touch is far lighter.

    If your blade is shave ready, and your stropping is on point, your shaves will get better.
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    Interesting. I didn't even know the Razor Emporium even sold straight razors. Always thought they were more of a DE revamp/restoration shop... That may (or may not) have something to do with it.
    I agree with the question of angle. Unless the shave is Really bad, it's likely a question technique IMO
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