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Thread: Hello from Des Moines Iowa

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    Default Hello from Des Moines Iowa

    Fed up with modern razors (clogging, razor burn, less than stellar results). It seems to me that a quality straight razor would solve all of these problems for me, as well as provide me with an interesting hobby. I have done some research on my own, but am still a complete newbie. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hello, welcome to SRP.

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    Hello and welcome to SRP.
    Enjoy your time here on the forum and have fun.

    Pete <:-}
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    Welcome to SRP!
    Keep in mind it take 100+ shaves before you start to really get a grasp on what your doing with a straight razor. And then after 200+ shave you will realize you are NOW starting to understand what your doing. The best info I can share with you is to go slow. Shave the lather, not the skin. That helps you to understand the pressure needed. Learn to shave and strop and make good lather before thinking about doing anything else. Again, This takes time and sense you cant shave 3 or 4 times a day its a slow trip. Buying a straight in a used condition from the buy/sell/trade thread is a good way to start. It will be REALLY shave ready. Not like other companys say is shave ready. Shave ready is one of the most important things for a newbie. You don't want to think your razor is causing issues when you get a bad shave. Know the razor is right and that will narrow the issues down.

    Ask questions and be sure to read in our library about newbie's learning to shave. The library is full of great info.

    Welcome and make yourself at home here and the best of shave to you!

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    Welcome to Straight Razor Place, Santo9.

    I would suggest starting out by reading all of the great information about buying, upswing, and maintaining your straight razor and accessories in the library here at SRP. Two sure locations to find a razor would be the buy/sell/trade section here or go to Straight Razor Designs and buy a brand new one. Many razors from retailers are not quite ready to shave with. SRD will sell you one that's good to guy. For the time being you should probably avoid eBay and antique stores.

    I'd recommend getting a 5/8 or 6/8 razor and a SRD strop where the leather can be replaced if damaged. You can find all kinds of quality soaps and brushes. Some of my faves are Castle Forbes, Tabac, and D. R. Harris.

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    Ya I'll give you best advise you will get ,, contact Stephan(mainaman) he's in Des Moines, and you will be golden, he's a pro excellent hone guy and knows razors. Would be a tremendous advantage that mist of us don't get, having a well respected knowledgable expert in your neighborhood. Oh and either take advise from senior guys or Oh Well. C
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    Welcome to the forum.
    Let me know if you have any questions or need any help while on this journey.
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    Welcome, Stephan will be a great help if you need it. I am in Knoxville and happy to help if I can. I hope you enjoy your new journey. There will be set backs and struggles but in the end it's great. Patience is big, take your time it will all come together.
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    Hi and welcome aboard. Great advice already and a couple offers of help. Take both and good luck with your shaves
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    Hi Santo9, welcome to the forums!

    To echo some of the advice above, the Library has a lot of great resources for new straight shavers, including a few pieces on how to make sure you get your hands on a shave-ready razor. Straight shaving takes time at first especially, but there's no reason you can't work your way towards high quality--yet fast--shaves! My advice is to spend some extra time on beard prep to soften the whiskers and spare yourself some headache while you're getting used to the razor. Enjoy!
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