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Thread: Family heirloom

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    Default Family heirloom

    My in-laws were in for a visit over Memorial Day, and I was showing off my razor and strop and telling them excitedly about my new involvement in straight razor shaving. My mother-in-law told me that she has her dad's old straight and his old strop packed away in her closet. He died almost sixty-five years ago, so we are talking vintage stuff. We are going to see them next week, and she said she would love for me to have them. I have no idea what kind of razor, and I probably won't use it to shave, but I will display them. I was thrilled to find a family heirloom that no one even realized we had!

    Anyone else have any good family finds that surprised them?


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    Hehe, I can't help thinking that most of my family would consider such an item no different than an old toothbrush rather than an heirloom
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    My family has a tendency to trow out their great shaving geer after a while or after the person dies. My pop threw out his. Mom threw out her pop's and grandma threw out her dad's geer. Now my geer recreates all of those wonderful old stuff my double edges are twins to the old geer that those that came before me used. My straight is a twin to great grand's straight. I have a four year old at home and he will have my entire collection and hopefully he will use them.

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    I have an open comb Gilette (WWI issue). It was my Grandfather's (Fahter's side). And a Robeson Sureedge straight. It was my Grandfather's (Mother's side). I feel fortunate to have them both. My WWI was the first DE razor that I used and it got me into wet shaving. I now have three DE razors.

    I have a dorko straight as well. I hope to have it and my grandfather's Robeson honed and restored sometime in the near future. I hope to learn to shave with a straight as well.

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