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    Default replacement scales

    One of my razors needs to be restored and to do that, obviously I should remove the scales. Well, one of the scales is cracked right at the fulcrum and I'm afraid I won't be able to put it back on when the restoration is done. has some Thiers Isard replacement scales, but this is not a Thiers Issard razor. I doubt it would make any difference, but I would like to find scales that closely resemble the originals. Does anyone know of a place that sells a variety of scales?

    By the way, I don't know what company made it, but it's called "The Commander" and it was made in Germany. There isn't any good lighting around at the moment, so taking a photo is not an option. But someone else seems to be selling the same razor on ebay:
    Vtg COMMANDER Straight Blade Razor Barber Tool Germany - eBay (item 120453015576 end time Aug-03-09 21:11:00 PDT)

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    Default In the classifieds !!!

    Member Services - Straight Razor Place Classifieds

    That link will take you to members services where the Restorers and Honemiesters have our "Business Cards" posted online

    In the Gallery section of the Workshop forum you will find many pics of some the work being done...

    Send a PM or an E-mail to a few of the Restorer's and see what we charge for scales that are custom fit to your razor, as buying replacement scales from the Internet is a hit or miss option on sizing....

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