hey trying to find my way in the jungle of information i found here
found an old J.A.HELLEBERG for about 7$ on a local flee market and decided to give it a try

after giving up honing for the moment it was eBay time
first in my mailbox was a filly 10 doube temple sharp but only for a partial shave and i must admit a bit longer blade then expected (atleast my ear think so)
i am still waiting for a few shave ready SR i just hope i hit the rigth sellers

at the moment i buy nothing over 30 so its a bit of a search

oh by the way witch one do i molest on a hone if i caugth something good i dont want that to be my honing trainer atleast

Shumate #30 Shave Ready Straight Razor - eBay (item 130334427693 end time Oct-08-09 06:39:32 PDT)

Wester Bros Booster 9/16 Shave Ready Straight Razor - eBay (item 160366882601 end time Oct-09-09 19:20:14 PDT)

Famous-brand 5/8 vintage straight razor SHAVE READY - eBay (item 150375920925 end time Oct-03-09 19:20:53 PDT)

ANTIQUE STRAIGHT RAZOR ARC MAGNETIC ALBERT CUTLER AGO - eBay (item 260485990823 end time Oct-10-09 14:48:50 PDT)

VINTAGE DOVO 11/16" UNUSED FANCY ENGLISH STRAIGHT RAZOR - eBay (item 390100132026 end time Oct-06-09 11:36:02 PDT)

that last one was an exseption i made without studiing too much
is this a rescale?
and did i give too much for the name?

this looks like a great place for info and im glad i found you only owning one new cheapo