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Thread: Major burn after first straight razor shave at Barber

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    Working in a barber shop is like running a restaurant, get the customer in and out so you can refill the chair. It can be a tough industry and finding experienced professional barbers to employ is even more difficult.
    I know of a well known barber chain where their young inexperienced staff was giving "straight razor" shaves using double bladed safety razors.
    I hear a lot of complaints, most recently from a customer of mine who bought a straight razor and strop who told me of his last barber shop shave.
    When finished with the shavette the barber grabbed an electric razor and reshaved his face.
    So i wholeheartedly agree with "thebigspender" the chances of getting a good shave from a barber is about the same as hitting it big in the lottery.
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    Agreed. My experience, as I posted previously, is that you stand a good chance of getting major razor burn or multiple nicks and cuts, but the chances of getting a close smooth shave that is relaxing and enjoyable is a dwindling experience in many shops.

    The issue is two-fold IMO.

    1.) We as true razormen know how to give ourselves a smooth, comfortable, close shave. We have practiced for years or decades and we have it down to a science. We (I) would love to get this experience from a barber with the hot towels and all the ancillary things that surround a full professional straight razor shave. Our expectations are high, and the reality is low. I have mostly given up on these new shops that are advertising "Straight Razor Shave" because it is more often than not a big disappointment.

    2.) My experience is that many entrepreneurs have set up retro-barber shops to capitalize on the new straight razor interest, and are having some trouble filling the employee ranks with TRUE barbers that KNOW how to straight razor shave. The young ladies fresh out of barber school that have attempted to shave me had no clue how to shave a man's face. They are wielding a Shavette and the consequences of lack of skill combined with a fresh unguarded blade can be severe. They know how to scrape you so that the whiskers are gone, but the aftermath is horrible. I've suffered for days after such shaves. On one such trip I counted a lucky SEVEN (7) cuts combined with some serious rash and the razor burn from hell. It took me days to heal and I went four days without shaving because I needed my face to recover. Ouch.

    This is a shame because many of us want to experience the relaxing full shave experience. When done right, it's like going to a men's spa. When it goes wrong, and it goes wrong often (unfortunately), then it's such an issue it's hard to quantify. You spent good money, in some cases VERY good money, to have your face scraped raw and sprinkled with cuts. I suppose if you are into a chemical peel, it's not that bad. But most of us want a close comfortable relaxing shave, not a removal of skin.

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