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    Red face Here goes nothin!

    Just received my kit from straight razor designs today!!! Since I didn't need to shave today (my beard grows slowly I shave every other day) I smelled all the soaps from the sampler and opened up the opus x. It smelled just like my late grandfather!!! What memories! I closed my eyes and smelled again deeply. It was like being a little kid again and running to his arms and hugging him. Using my new Simpson (which happens to be my last name) brush I lathered up just so I could smell it longer. Anyway, I then hung my new horsehide strop on the towel rack and rubbed it a bit (I've heard with horsehide it needs to be broken in). I finally opened and held my new professionally honed dovo hollow ground silver steel blade in my hands. Got used to the weight. Held it up to my face (not touching the skin) as if to take practice strokes. I wiped off the oil and plucked a hair from atop my head. Let it hang over the blade and "pop!" the blade pulled slightly and then sliced the hair in two! I slowly stropped 10 strokes and plucked out another hair. This time no pull at all! Just popped the hair in half as if it was made of air. I cannot wait until tomorrow comes and I get to shave!!!

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    Sounds like you're all set. Amazing how something so simple can bring back such fond memories..very cool Be sure and let us know how that first shave goes.
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    Thumbs up

    I can remember that moment when I had knife first time on my face. Or the moment before it when I was hesitating to put it to my face. Then I did some training strokes just like you have done before shaving.

    Go slow with no hurry and enjoy

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