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Thread: First Razor

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    Quote Originally Posted by llyamah View Post
    Hello All

    So, I am thinking about buying a cut-throat. I have read the beginners shopping list and am therefore wondering what people think about this:

    Empire - SHAVING STRAIGHT CUT THROAT RAZOR + STROP R on eBay (end time 27-Mar-11 16:46:15 BST)

    I know that you probably get what you pay for, but I am just wondering whether or not it would be a good razor to start with.
    . . .
    Sometimes you get _less_ than what you paid for. I suspect that the razor is a piece of un-sharpenable junk. The "Empire" brand has been mentioned before, on this site.

    If you want a "lowest-possible-cost" kit, go to:

    Whipped Dog Straight Razor Sales

    and order a "Whipped Dog" straight razor and the "poor man's strop kit".

    That will get you started, and keep you going for several months, before you'll need a re-honing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by llyamah View Post
    AxelH - The gel I use is a King of Shaves gel. Seeing as I can tell you this, the razor I use is a Gillette Fusion. What are training wheels, and will this razor have them? Also, what would be the advantage of using a double edged safety razor over this? Can you recommend any? I have heard that a German company called Merkur do a pretty decent one.

    Thanks again for all of the advice.
    Just don't use it so much that you become fused to it. By training wheels I mean a razor with a pivoting head so you don't have to learn proper angles and with a wider contact surface (with a plastic/rubber grippy safety bar in front) you don't have to learn about proper pressure. What I really mean is it's a razor that has so many safety features that you never have to learn how to shave your own face. Such is the state of manhood in America today. The double-edged safety razors are a very appropriate intermediate step between the training wheels high-cost plastic contraptions and the no-safety cold hard steel that REAL manly men use!

    The only drawback I can think of to habituating to the REAL man's shaver is thereonafter you will have to avoid various objects hitting your pubic region as you will find that you have grown something very sensitive and vulnerable.. you know.. down there.

    DEs are very inexpensive. You could get a vintage Gillette of some sort for very little. Blades are also very cheap, I've gotten a hundred for twelve bucks and they are.. [drum roll] double-edged so that's two blades on each one. I have a Weishi that I like quite a bit, I feel all warm and fuzzy anytime I support our Communist Chinese friends on the other side of the planet (they practically own our country already anyway so it's kind of my patriotic duty).

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