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    Question How to use camellia oil?

    I like to think that I look after my blades quite well, and, with the exception of one mishap, I’ve never had any rust on any of them. Although, I am sure this is complete luck. The fact I use and strop them all often maybe?

    Anyway, I’m sure everyone on here experiences razor collector syndrome at some point and now I have too many razors to rotate them – I’m also not organised enough to remember which one I have used from one day to the next.

    After pausing the wonderful Straight Razor Designs, I found this gem: Camellia oil, so says the blurb:

    Pure Japanese Camellia Oil, The best protection for your straight razor. The same oil used to protect the finest Japanese Samurai Swords. A few drops give you the protection you need to keep your blades looking new.
    “Wow! Sword oil!” Thought I, and immediately ordered some. But, does anyone know how to use it?

    • How do I apply it?

    • How much do I use?

    • What do I apply it with?

    Thanks in advance to all you lovely people out there.

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    Camellia Oil,

    Use a soft cloth or a tissue for application. And seriously, a little goes a long way. One drop will be enough for probably two razors.

    I prefer to place a drop or two on the tissue, and wipe the razor from the spine to the edge, in a north to south motion.

    It's also important to remember that Camellia Oil is not infinite in it's staying power. After some time it will get sticky, and you may need to use goo gone or something similar to remove it from the blade. I suggest checking your razors with Camellia like a Cigar lover checks their humidor.

    Every month or so give a little buff and wipe and you're off to the races.

    Hope this helps.

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    I've used camellia oil for several years on woodworking tools such as hand saws, plane blades, and chisels. It's good as a lubricate and apparently provides some short term rust protection. I'm a newbie in the razor business but I'd say it would work well as a daily protector against rust. I would not count on it for long term protection, but I plan to use my razor pretty much daily.

    You apply a very light coat. I use a paper towel or the applicator I've linked to below. The applicator is probably more efficient. You don't want to waste the stuff because it's pretty expensive. That's not as big of a consideration with a razor since it wouldn't take much at all. I've read where mineral oil does about the same thing, but never tried mineral oil.

    The oil is advertised as vegetable based and non-toxic, although I wouldn't try drinking the stuff.

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    I'm much too lazy wipe the oil on my razors so I took a suggestion from another member on the site and mixed up some isopropyl alcohol with camelia oil (I've got about 1 part oil to 100 parts alcohol) in a wide necked jar. After every shave I give the blade a quick dry, shake the jar and dip the razor right in. Once the alcohol evaporates I'm left with a nice oil coated razor....I'm sure if you search camelia oil you'll hit the post that I got the idea from. Anyway, good luck and good shaves!
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    I don't know how it works with camellia oil but what I do with mineral oil is I soaked a small scrap of cotton in it and keep the oil soaked rag in a small jar and just wipe the blade off after my post shave strop.

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