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    Default First Double edge, awsome shave.

    I got into this website a few weeks ago complaining about awful razor burn with my proglide. And with the help and advice of the guys at this site I decided to buy a double edge. I bought a nice butterfly type from classic shaving and by the time it got to my house I needed a shave terribly. And when I opened the box I thought bullshit. No way this is gonna work. And then it did. It was honestly the best shave I have ever had. The brush and soap did the job and the razor took the hair off no problem with literally no irritation afterward. Its amazing. I shaved the second time. And I found out real quick "RESPECT THE RAZOR. RESPECT IT!!" I got little nics everywhere. Im assuming this is because I applied too much pressure but im not sure. Also slight irritation this time but nothing compared to what the multiblade was doing. Anymore professional advice would be much appreciated

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    Yep, I think you answered your own question, Zach - too much pressure. A light touch is all that's needed. When that doesn't produce the same fine results in a few shaves that the first one did, replace the blade. Pretty soon you'll find out how many shaves you can get from a blade.

    Also keep the razor clean. After each shave break it down and clean it with an old toothbrush lightly to stop any soapy buildup on the razor or the blade that might occur and cause the blade to not set properly. A clean dry blade will also last a little longer.

    I think you're on your way to a lifetime of enjoyable wet shaves.

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    A new blade shaves with _no pressure_. As the blade gets dull, it needs _slight pressure_. [This has been my experience, anyway.]

    When you can't shave without getting nicks, or razor burn, it's time for a new blade.


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    Man I used to burn up too. I still do if I shave too many passes in one area. Great advice from Charles... Keep searching for the perfect shave, and you'll be doing the str8's in no time,

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    Congrats on your shave.
    As you, and others have mentioned, back off the pressure but also dont forget to stretch the skin a little .
    Good luck and enjoy

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    Isn't it amazing how much better that old technology is relative to the new stuff? That realization with a DE razor is what made me try straight razors--if 50 year old razors are this good, then 100 year olds razors must be even better! Let us know when/if you want to try the next step.

    In the mean time, enjoy your better shaves and pat yourself on the back for doing something a little better for the environment.

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    Congratulations on making the switch! I definitely believe you can get a better shave with safety razor and straights.

    You've got the right idea regarding your issues- it is likely that you're using too much pressure. Also, make sure to pull your skin tight as you go. This was something I was taught with my disposable blade razor and had never needed prior to wetshaving.

    Once you get the basics down, safety razors are excellent shavers. And that basic knowledge/skill can transition you more easily to straight razors later, if you desire. I personally started with straights, bumbled a bit, and then bought a safety razor. Took to it like a fish takes to water. I use it every day I have to work, and use the straight on other days.

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