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    Default First Shave!

    First, let me introduce myself to this community. My name is Osvaldo (everyone calls me Ozzie). I just joined today and read some of the how-to's and watched some videos. I am 24 and I have been wet shaving (DE) for about 4 months now. My father started the same time as I did, except he started with straight. I would watch him shave and felt attracted to the idea of shaving with such an elegant and dangerous looking razor. I wanted to start straight shaving as well but didn't want to butcher my face. (as I've seen him do on occasion)

    Today I finally took the leap to Straight Razor shaving! After finally stepping up my Merkur Futur to max setting (6) and popping in a Feather blade and shaving comfortably, I felt I was ready to take the next step. It was also the perfect time to start because my dad had just given me a beautifully restored Torry razor. Below you'll see everything I used for my first straight shave.

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    After showering and whipping up my Geo. F. Trumper's über lather I finally opened up the razor and brought it up to my face. Immediately my heart began to pound. Even the first time with my DE razor I've never felt such a rush. I went to apply the blade to my face for my first side-burn WTG and backed away. I took me a good 3 attempts before I finally had the nerve to commit to the first stroke. BANG! Just like that I'm addicted!! After doing just my first side-burn I couldn't force myself to stop. The fever had taken hold of me and I ended up doing most of my face above the jaw-line! I even did my upper lip area. (A huge problem area for me)

    After finishing up with my Merkur Futur I was beaming. I had wanted to start wet shaving 4 months earlier with a straight razor and was glad I had waited. All the skills that helped me get a good shave with my DE razor (light touch, smooth short strokes, knowing my face) helped make for an EXCELLENT first straight shave, without a nick or cut and barely any irritation!

    I am planning on shaving again tomorrow night. In the meanwhile I just wanted to share my amazing experience with this community. I expect to do my entire face WTG on the straight tomorrow. I know I probably shouldn't, but I'm too excited and anxious to get proficient with it. I would appreciate any tips and advice you guys may have for my second shave.First Post. First Shave.
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    Bravo Ozi!! Way to go!
    OK Joe, reel 'er in. This one's hooked !

    'Hope you enjoy decades of the best shaves you can get. It really only gets better from here.

    Savor this one and every one hereafter that puts big smiles like this on your face!

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