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    Question Trouble lathering in a DB Scuttle

    I received a DirtyBird 1.5 scuttle with a webbed bottom for my birthday back in March and I just love it. It's attractive, and it really does a great job of keeping my lather warm, so much so that I have to remember to keep the water in the tank about at the halfway level once the lather's made to keep the lather from melting down.

    The problem I'm having is this, and I do believe firmly that it's a technique problem, not a problem with the scuttle: I'm used to lathering in a bowl (one of these, actually:

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    It's from Straight Razor Designs Shaving Bowl - Royal Blues - $23.99 :) I guess I've gotten used to the depth and I get quite vigorous with my brush when building up the lather because I make quite a mess when switching to the scuttle, despite the rim Julie puts on the thing. I have to stop every 10-15 seconds and run my finger around the lip to guide the protolather back into the bowl and remind myself to slow down. It takes 2-3 times as long to build the lather in the scuttle as it does in the mug, and it _seems_ to take more water, though that might just be my imagination.

    So, do I need a smaller brush, or is a slower approach just the thing I'm going to have to do? I only have one brush at present (I know, I know, but I've been slow to build my collection of stuff, waiting until I had an actual need before announcing my intent to SWMBO) and it's a TAOS brush. I can't tell from their web site what size it is.

    I love the warm lather, but I find myself going back to the mug more and more for the speed and comfort of lathering in its deeper cavity. Am I missing some detail that would make using the scuttle more enjoyable?

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    I don't know what size a brush you have, but the Dirty Bird 1.5 can handle just about any normal size brush. Obviously, as you note, yours is a technique problem. Play around with technique in the Dirt Bird, where your circles are wider, and, because the top rim of the scuttle is not inverted, the lather has the tendency to overflow. That is easily remedied by scooping the overflowing lather back into the bowl with your brush. You don't have this problem with the SRD lather bowl because of the inverted rim. The only advice I have for you, really, is to play around and get accustomed to the size, depth and style of the Dirty Bird 1.5 lather bowl part. You have one of the best there.

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    I honestly have no problems with my 1.5 dirty bird just make sure u keep applying water until u get the lather to build up and u should be fine

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    Like Tyler said, water is the key. If it isn't lathering, and as long as you don't have water standing in the bottom of the scuttle, then you need more water.

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