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Thread: It's Official!

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    Default It's Official!

    It's official... Well yes, in a very non-dramatic sense I have officially had my first shave with a straight razor and I survived! I feel like I'm 15 years old again. This morning my new Dovo blade (plus brush and soap) arrived from Simon at Gentlemans Blade (Auckland, NZ).

    I've been reading and watching lots of shaving guides and tips over the past week and felt I had a reasonable grasp on what to expect out of my first effort. But nothing can actually properly prepare you for the reality. My preparation certainly could have been a little better but overall I'm kinda pleased with my first experience. Sure, I bumbled along like a blind man in a bear trap store, but at the end of the day I made it through with minimal cuts or skin irritation, and I don't need to wrap my face in surgical bandages like I feared.

    It took me 40 minutes to complete my shave with cautious, shaking hands - 37 minutes longer than has been my normal routine using more modern methods. The closeness of the cut was less than my normal shave too, but I'm happily reminding myself that things can only get better. I feel like my effort was much better than it could have been for a first straight razor shave.

    I've got to work on my soap lathering technique, but like all good things, time and effort leads to perfection. Little steps, I am telling myself.

    There's something quite empowering about embracing a traditional method of masculine grooming. This is absolutely an art - a skill perfected only with patience and quiet determination. I've been reading a lot of threads in this forum, and finally (if only just) I'm beginning to understand why you're all so passionate about this thing called shaving that I've taken for granted for so many years.

    Kudos to you all.

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    Congratulations! You're quite right - things will come together with time, and you will soon be marveling at the amazingly smooth shaves that this strange and wonderful ritual produces.

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    my first shaves were over 40 minutes, that will eventually quicken up, although some nights (usually Sundays) i will still take a long time to shave just because i can

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    Ahh yes a slow relaxing shave...

    It is great to hear it went well ,your pace and the quality will get much better with time the quality of my shaves are still improving.

    Take your time and enjoy it, the time will come when you want to slow down, I know some times my misses asks "Are you going to take 30 minutes to shave tonight?",

    and I answer "why yes I am"


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    Congrats! Always great to hear a positive first shave story

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    Congrats on your first shave! My first month or two took me 30-40 minutes to shave as well. But it is well worth it! Welcome to the straight road and happy shaving!



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