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Thread: Whipped Dog or Dovo Best Quality

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    I went with whipped dog due to the fact i wasnt sure if I wanted to start straight razor shaving or not and didnt want to spend a ton of money, and I actually got a fairly nice razor. Its still in my rotation and is my 3rd/out of 4 lol fav razor. Only thing with whipped dog is the razor doesnt allways come 100% shave ready. that would be my major warning! If you have the money go nicer but if you want one just to see if you like it go with WD

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    Quote Originally Posted by chapman View Post
    Thank you so much for your input everyone. It is much appreciated! I'll repost when I decide on a razor. My dad and I are both looking at a few right now. After this thread, however, I am leaning towards spending a little more on a nice razor that I will care for and want to use on a regular basis. Is this a wise thought?
    Yeah, it's a wise thought because it shows you are thinking for yourself. Actually, I think you already made the call, and all the thought you've put into your decision making suggests to me that you will persevere and adopt straight razor shaving as a permanent lifestyle change.

    If it helps you any, I shaved this morning with a Dovo Best Quality and it performs as well as any one I have ever used.

    One area that I do want to exert some influence in is eventually getting a 3" strop. Stropping properly (keeping the wrist straight while flipping the blade so that both sides are stropped equally well) took longer for me to master than the shaving or honing. Maybe you are not a klutz like me that is part right-handed and part left-handed, but I can only imagine how much more difficult if would have been for me if I had to learn the X pattern on a 2 or 2 1/2 inch strop.

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    40-year survivor of electric and multiblade razors

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    Definitely going to get a 3" strop and after recommendations from you guys and the guys at SRD I'm probably going to go with a ralf aust and 3" strop
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    I think alot depends on if you are more than 50% convinced that you will stick with straights. For me, I was not sure and I wanted to "try" it at minimal cost. That's where Whipped Dog shines imo with a combo of sight unseen and the Poor Mans Strop. After I used it and knew that this was something I was going to stick with, I bought a couple new. Now, I bought a couple vintages which I hope to bring back to life. It's a journey
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