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Thread: First shave!

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    Default First shave!

    My Ralf Aust Razor came in today from SRD! I keep opening and closing it like a little kid on christmas! Can't wait to get started on this adventure, but needless to say I am little nervous and a little scared for my face haha. Been watching tons of videos and reading everything I can to minimize any accidents. This is a great place for info and just thought I'd let you guys know I am about to embark on my first straight shave ever! See you on the other side (hopefully). Send some prayers my way tonight! I'll post again later, if I'm not on my way to the emergency room

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    Breath deep....
    come on now breath....

    Thats it, just relax you'll do great.

    We won't have any of this here today!

    Remember slow and steady wins the race, well see you on the other side.

    Now go get em.
    It is just Whisker Whacking
    Relax and Enjoy!
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    Just take your time, you'll do fine. It's not a race. If you find yourself contorting into some awkward position, congratulations, you are using my style of shaving!! Don't decide to change paths or things with the blade on your face.
    Silence is Golden, but duct tape is Silver.

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