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    Lightbulb Barber shops in the BeNeLux

    Hey everyone, I'm a noob

    I looked through the whole BNL forum and didn't manage to see any thread about barber shops where one can get a good shave. (Save for one posting about Amsterdam)

    I am based in Brussels and I'm always on the look out for barber shops that can give a shave. So far, I've only found one: Rodolphe Barber. I've never been there because it's on Avenue Louise and that means it is too expensive.

    So, I was thinking to start a thread about barber shops around BNL. If anyone knows of one, just post it here and then we can all benefit.

    - Jason

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    Default this is the only that I know of I haven't been there though

    kind regards

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    The Bar Bier(sorry, no website) in Ghent also does them, I haven't had the opportunity to try them, but my brother said it was OK. However, when he went, the guy used a Feather, but they should do a proper straight shave about now. Also a good idea: Turkish barbers! (Shavettes all around, but it's still nice) Just look out you don't get a shave from a 14 year old kid who's learning the trade. I got into wetshaving after a shave from the Turkish barber. In Ghent, there are a lot of them in the Sleepstraat.

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    Welkom bij " Den Barbier "

    I know the owner. I once visited him and helped him hone his razors. I tried to get him started with a norton, a coticule and a tony miller strop, but I think he switched to shavette blades. His problem imo was that he didn't shave himself with a straight, so he had no real way of evaluating his razors.
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