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Thread: Custom Shave Brush Vendors??

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    Do a search and you will find reviews on other forums. It looks like some folks had issues with custom orders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by markbignosekelly View Post
    I have never used a Kim Son. The handles are obviously beautiful but my issue would be the knot. The materials and time needed to make the handle would be great, all for $80. And they would need to make a profit. This leads me to believe the knots would be inferior, could be wrong of course....
    Quote Originally Posted by Substance View Post
    Ok lads and ladettes been looking to purchase my second and most likely last brush ( no BAD issues here )
    Wanting it to be all natural materials, Bill was my number 1 choice but most unfortunately that is now an impossibility,
    With issues of getting horn brush with Ivory, I am going with a shell and horn item,
    so now I am seriously looking at getting one of the Kim Son premium black horn brushes with the abalone strip and base inlays as below,
    Now my real question is has anyone actually bought one of these?
    If so would you recommend them,
    is the quality the handle up to it
    Also are the silver tip knots supplied any good?

    Tossing up between trying the silver tip that comes with it or getting a handle then adding a 26mm TGN high mountain white to the handle.
    As I really like the black horn with the shell inlays very much.
    My other option is to either get a similar made elsewhere by one of the locals on her or just making my own the hard way.

    Any help appreciated.

    Abalone Lines on Round Black Genuine Cow Horn Shaving Brush (21, 24, 28 mm badger hair) [Custom-Shaving-Brush-001] - $80.00 : Handmade product made of : Buffalo Horn - Bone - Mother Of Pearl, KIMSON Handicraft - Handmade natural product : Handgun gri
    I've seen their work in person from several vendors in Vietnam. They have a well organized distribution process to many of the smaller vendors in Vietnam. I was in the process of purchasing a large amount horn last June from them to ship back to Bill (Pixel) for him to turn in his own style. I have handled the brushes & they seem quite nice, but did not lather with one. I left 1 day before the meeting took place, for other reasons, so we did not obtain the horn.

    The horn, material, is quite cheap , so their cost for the horn is much cheaper than we can imagine, plus the labor cost,,,,, well,, lets just say their there are no labor unions to deal with, sad but the way it is.

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