Still needs a little cleaning up but here it is. Sanded the handle, ground out the insides so that I could get this 24mm knot in it, added some weight. OK, a lot of weight. More than I was thinking but its done now. Dont sneak up behind me when I'm lathering or you might get a serious lump on your head when I chuck this thing at you. Ha. It had a crack in the handle but after the grinding out of the inside and scrubbing the crack out, I put some Super Glue in the crack from the inside. Crack is very hard to find now.

I'll still sand it a touch more and buff it out some but I think it will work out just fine. 24mm Boar Banded Cupped Knot.
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I had seen someone else had done this and I like the look of it so I gave it a go. He had used a 22mm knot but I wanted a bit bigger. 24mm is about as big as you can get when installing one of these cupped knots in this handle. The handle is just not wide enough to go any wider. Loft is 50mm set by the cup. Should have some nice backbone, a good feel in the hand and heavy as hell for a plastic brush!