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Thread: Simpson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdefoy66 View Post
    Ths BobH.

    any name would come to mind?
    In your budget range I think Celestino had a good suggestion in Post#5. Maybe PM him for some details.

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    There are a host of inexpensive brushes out there and then there are the well known quality brands like Simpson, Thater, kent, Plisson, Shavemac and I'm sure I've missed a few.

    Spend some time reading the forum to get a better idea what's out there and to get folks ideas about brushes.

    You might want to wait and save some more money to get a better or larger brush. if you need one right away buy one like the Omega line. It will get the job done.
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    If you like a scritchy brush Shavemac D0-1 two band is the creme de la creme nowadays. If you like ultra soft, almost floppy, a Kent BK-4. Soft but backbone Thater. Simpsons are really good too, with backbone and usually soft, or scrubby, but not scritchy since they moved from Somerset to Isle of Man.

    I'd look for a used brush at the price point you're at to get a better deal. Either that of keep what you have until you've saved the $ for something better.

    Semogue boars are quite good too and cheap.
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    I've got a vulfix pure badger. Simpsons are now made by them. The brush is almost 5, and admittedly had a beard break, but does a decent job. They do a range of sizes and styles and, while not the same hair density, still do reasonably well IMO, limited though my experience is.
    I think they do a picadilly which looks like a chubby. I don't own it so couldn't speak to its effectiveness.
    My father in law has just dropped by with a Kent BLK2 for me too, at 45 it's not too expensive and seems decent from reviews.
    Bear in mind I'm a novice and there will be far more knowledgeable gents on here than I. Just my thoughts.

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    Best bang for your buck in my opinion is Shavemac, you can go on their site and design the level of softness or scrub/scritch, the handle you want, diameter and loft, and get a superb brush at a great price.

    I have lots of different brushes, including Simpson's, and personally, Shavemac is number one in my books right now....ymmv.

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    There are some good brushes to be had for the price you are looking to pay, but I wouldn't recommend any of the Simpsons. I would wait until I was ready to spend another $20 or so and look at a Commodore X3 as an baseline Simpson. Maybe a Colonel X2L for a few bucks less.

    -As Celestino said, the MS brushes are a super deal right now.
    -Stirling has some really good brushes well below your price point that lather well above.
    -The RazoRock brushes have knots from Zenith and are quite good for the price.
    -For that price you could get a custom made hamdle from an maker on Etsy and specify that you want a TGN knot. (Either Finest or Grade A Silvertip)

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