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Have you considered the Shavemac Silvertip two band? I have a 23mm fan knot loft set at 46mm with that knot and it's a fantastic brush firm no scritch yet it handles hard soaps easily.

Not really.
I have a silvertip 26mm Bulb 2 band (albeit NOT a Shavemac ) and while it's pretty dense, has good backbone and has a nice firm but soft feel on the face, is a lather hog unless you whip the heck out of it in a bowl no matter how much I load it up or what method of wetting the brush I use.Forget about face lathering with it unless maybe you have the time to paint your face for 10 minutes....

From what I've been able to gather from reading numerous posts and getting opinions, my feeling is that's because of the size of the knot more than anything.It takes a lot more soap/lather to fill it up to the point where it allows the lather to flow vs. a smaller one.

I decided to go with the D01 as I don't really want a brush with heavy scritch, but yet want a very dense knot as I don't like them floppy
Hoping this will fit the bill.

That and I couldn't pass up on the price lol. I figure this way, while I don't love the plain vanilla ivory handle it comes in, it will be fine till the knot is broken in.
Then I have plans for it going thru a transplant to a custom handle.More than likely from The Great North Woods :-)