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Thread: L-a-t-h-e-r

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    I have only 2 brushes currently, my first is a Simpson best badger and the second an AOS fine badger IIRC. The simpson does not seem to whip up as nice of a lather as the AOS with creams. The AOS brush is a bit softer with less back bone and does wonders on creams, the simpson works really well with pucks.
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    No, not much difference for me. I know how each brush I own functions. The same goes for my soaps and creams. I, therefore, take that under consideration as I make my lather.

    Only one badger brush now remains in my lineup: the glorious Wiborg white badger. I own no boars. My synthetic brushes are a joy to use, and they create luxurious lather. On the other hand, I did the same with my badger brushes.

    As an old timer, if I can't make luxurious lather using any brush, I might as well . . .
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    I think? that much of the perceived differences are due to the time needed for the soap product to absorb the greatest amount of moisture. That could be a factor caused by particle size the brush creates from the product in use. If I wait enough time for all the particles to hydrate and then re-whip I get a great amount of very stiff, moisture rich, lather.
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    Ever since I started this thread I have been going back and forth with my three old two banders and have been comparing them with all my other badgers. I don't know the reason but those original two banders work differently than any of the others be it a three band or Manchurian.

    They just seem to whip up lather faster and the quality of the lather is different. It's just denser and creamier.
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