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    Default Good Low Price Brush

    I am new to the forum and I have not shaved with my new old razor yet but I have been using a brush and mug for almost 2 years. I have been reading about various brushes and i decided to do a little research on my brush.

    I bought my brush and mug from my Barber here in the Pittsburgh area. Sam, my barber uses a shavette after he lathers up my neck and around my ears. He also offers shaves at his shop, no safety razors here.

    Anyway I wanted to let the gorup know about my Omega Black Handled "Paint Brush" Professional Shaving Brush.
    Accoring to the website:

    The Omega professional shaving brush was developed to be an exceptional brush. It's bristles are longer than normal and of natural boar hair, and the "Paint brush" handle affords a longer reach than most other shaving brushes. A great starter brush, the Omega Professional shaving brush transforms the soap into a denser, richer foam.

    The brush is great, it does not fan out but the bristles stay together and work up a good lather with soap that I buy form my barber for $2.00 a cake. Soap discussion will be moved to the appropriate forum

    Take a look at them, for $16.00 USD it is a good investment.

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    Very nice brush - thanks for the info.

    And welcome to SRP - a great place to learn, teach, and share ideas! Glad you came on board!

    Good luck with the straight razor - take it slow, lather nicely, stretch the skin, keep a shallow blade angle, and use a very light touch.

    Keep us posted,

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    I gought one of those from Lou, my barber, a few months ago. Very good brush especially for soaps. A bit stiff at first, but softens up with use. I try to buy stuff he sells from time to time - good old timers are a vanishing breed. I still have him give me a shave every few months, and I try to pickup pointers from his shave while I relax in the seat. Unless I doze off, that is.

    Anyway, barbers usually have a supply catalog from which they order. The Pinauds are usually priced well below you'd find on the internet. I sometimes have Lou throw in a bottle with his next order. There are Illinois strops listed too, but I told him to try Tony should he need a new one.

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