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    Default scuttle mug bowl - confused!

    Can anyone give a description of these different recepticles, and how they are used?

    Shaving Mug
    Shaving Bowl

    Ok, don't laugh at me(or Welshwarrior as he asked too ). I just bought a mug (see my Ewenny posting) but how are these things used. As you can probably see from the picture in the Ewenny posting, it's basicaly a big mug with a smaller half a mug stuck on the side, with a drain hole between the two.
    Cheers M

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    1) Shaving mug is a single compartment vessel used to hold the soap, water and lather. Usual includes a finger handle. Also called a shaving cup.

    2) Scuttle is traditionally a multi-comartment vessel (usually two, one with drain holes) one compartment for water, the other (usually the one with the drain holes) for soap and lather (although the soap compartment is typically too shallow for much lather, most of it goes on the brush). Usually has a handle.

    3) A shaving bowl is the same as a shaving mug, except that it is a bowl shape without a handle. Meant to be held in the palm.

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