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    Default A couple vintage brushes

    I have, for your consideration, two vintage brushes to behold.

    The first would likely be my favorite brush and be in constant use if only it weren't so tiny. At first despite the grain I didn't believe it to be genuine ivory. But the most convincing test I could find was the hot needle test and it passed. The handle is 5cm long, and the knot 12mm wide by 30 cm long. It has "Pure Badger Hair" either engraved or stamped on the side. I assume from the hot needle test that it wasn't burned in.

    The second is something I really haven't seen mentioned before, a "Badger Cased" brush. On the base it says:
    Made Rite
    Badger Cased
    The outside does indeed seem to be badger, surrounding a boar knot with a significant counter-clockwise twist. In addition, the boar bristles seem to have been dyed in such a way as to match the badger hairs. I've asked as many members as I could in the past few days (admittedly not hundreds), and I've yet to find one who has seen a "badger cased", so I now come to you the public.

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