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    Default Crabtree & Evelyn Brushes

    I was at our local Crabtree & Eveyln stroe the other day buying their Almond Oil shave soap which I love and checked out their brushes.
    They have a huge Super Badger brush marked with both the Crabtree & Evelyn name and the Edwin Jaeger name. The brush and handle look exactly like the Vulfix Super Badger. Regular price is $85 but they are having one of their "prefered customer" months and eveything is 20% off.
    Looks like a nice buy for a huge badger brush.
    I am more of a bristle brush guy so can anyone fill me in on the badger/super badger differences?

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    I know those brushes are well thought of. Here's a couple of threads from SMF:

    I think they should combine the two and call them "Way the hell more than you EVER wanted to know about Silvertips..."

    You may find a few missing posts in the first thread...a few of the guys got a bit aggressive!


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