• Announcing The SRP Logo Limited Edition Straight Razor

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the prototype of the SRP Logo LE razor. It was made from a stencil custom razor maker, SRP member (PapaBull), Robert Williams did of the logo at the top of our page and is on the money. I should have it in hand early next week if not later today. It is a 6/8 with G-10 scales. As you can see the SRP logo is etched in the belly of the blade and Robert's trademark is on the tang mark side with the XII (year) etched on the reverse along with each razors individual # engraved by hand.

    It is a limited edition of no more than 200 individually numbered razors. No more than 200 but possibly less than that depending on demand. All of the work is done by RW alone from hammer forging his 01 steel hand cut blank to final heat treat and polishing/honing. It is a one man operation from beginning to end. Because it is a one man operation the razors will become available as Robert receives orders and finishes them. So there will be between 3 and 5 per week as he fills orders.

    The razor is priced, @ $350 + $10 shipping in the CONUS, substantially lower than RW ordinarily charges for one of his customs.

    Payment will be by paypal direct to RW and is not required, or desired, until the razor is ready to ship.

    TO ORDER SEND A PM to PapaBull

    Include the following information ;

    Your SRP screen name
    Your Name
    Your Address
    Your Phone number

    Use The Link Below ;


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