• Beautiful Sheffield Steel, But Who Made Them?

    There are some beautiful Sheffield straight razors in this photograph below. Many of you reading this article now, probably have a few similar to the razors pictured here. Have you wondered who actually made them?
    Follow the link below to the article "Who Made That?" written by Zak Jarvis of The Shivering Beggar.
    Enjoy the journey,,,,

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    I'll have a early evening shave with a Stetson finish.

    Hirlau Today, 07:07 PM Go to last post

    Any experience with Griffith strops?

    You will not regret doing business with Matt and Ally’s company. If you are hunting for a 3” shell cordovan contact Matt and he will tell

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    Sun October 22nd - Sat October 28th

    Razor: Oxford 300
    Strop: SRD Roo
    Brush: Shavemac Silvertip
    Cream: Baume.be
    Post: Lucky Tiger
    Finish: Cuba Red

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    What are you working on?

    But if you have your DE handy why would you need an opener.

    It was a twist tip bottle but I had to prove my theory!

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    First try with a Micromatic

    What is the coating on yours? As you can see in the pictures of mine it is well worn. I was wondering how it would work for a test of Duracote or Cerakote.

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    My Three Musketeers

    Ive had a beer or two and some of these razors are getting me hot under the collar!

    I need to get out more...

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