• Beautiful Sheffield Steel, But Who Made Them?

    There are some beautiful Sheffield straight razors in this photograph below. Many of you reading this article now, probably have a few similar to the razors pictured here. Have you wondered who actually made them?
    Follow the link below to the article "Who Made That?" written by Zak Jarvis of The Shivering Beggar.
    Enjoy the journey,,,,

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    Sun March 19th - Sat March 25th

    Col Conk Mach 3 Handle
    Great Value Cartridge (4)
    Proraso Eucalyptus Menthol Shave Cream
    Frank Shaving 24 mm Synthetic

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    Sun March 19th - Sat March 25th

    Razor - Joseph Turner
    No prep cold water 4 pass face lathered shave


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    Clubman Friday

    Good morning!!

    Going with Vanilla here today

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    Le Coultre branded frameback.

    I spotted a frameback with a LeCoultre frame a little while ago. The blade was in poor condition but I've never seen a LeCoultre branded frame on a frameback

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    Clubman Friday

    Clubman Friday again !!...How are the Gents doin' this afternoon ?
    Got a replacement bottle of Veg and a dinky little Barbers' Gift glass bottle.

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    Hello fellow wetshavers

    Welcome to SRP!!

    A lot of great folks and info here, and you have a nice collection there.
    Enjoy and have fun!!

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