• Beginner's Tips: May 2014

    Welcome! As a Mentor here, I can see many new guys going overboard!

    My tips this month to new straight-shavers are on how to stay afloat and have an easier and positive learning curve toward successful and smooth shaves. As I began, I learned various things and attempted to apply all at once. Not such a good idea, I found later. I had not joined this forum, nor read the abundance of advice here. Internet videos contained too much conflicting information and recommendations. I was way overboard! I thought to keep it simple, as in the old days, was the way to properly learn, so I reached for the life preserver of simplicity. Good strop, razor(s), soap, brush, and a good vintage barberís hone taught me much about what it actually takes to get a good shave and how much of other things are not always necessary, especially as a beginner.

    Fast forward to my joining SRP, I learned of a better straight-shaving life preserver! I wish I had found it sooner! Indeed, this is one helpful place. The search box will give you plenty information and clue you in on things to ask about such as techniques, razors, strops, hones, soaps, creams, preshaves, and aftershaves. Subjects such as sensitive skin, shaving on a budget, history, honing and stropping, etc. have been covered in great depth/discussions involving more experienced members and beginners alike. Many great videos reside in the library here. Check them out and, by all means, go back and read all previous beginnersí tips. Ask advice from members here, most are happy to help. We have many mentors and more are added regularly. These guys are a fountain of knowledge! Search out meets and hands-on instruction. Someone could very well be near you. Hands on is best!

    Gather as much info by searching, so as to have good questions to ask. Many will respond, so pay particular attention to experience levels of respondents and feed off the advice of those who have most knowledge. You will find the best advice will be to keep things simple and change only one thing at a time until you achieve desirable results. Like swimming to the surface, you can gain knowledge and confidence toward smooth shaves.

    SRP: A straight-shaving life preserver. THE place to stay afloat in a sea of confusion! Good Luck!
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