• Beginners Tips: April 2013

    Here is a simple one for you to ponder on this month, The best most expensive finishing hone/stone in the most experienced Honemiester's hands is still no better then the Stropping before the shave

    What does he mean ???

    Stropping really is that important, you can have any Hone/Stone you want, but until you learn how to strop the razor correctly you will never get the best shave from it..
    Concentrating more on learning to strop correctly will do more for your face then asking what is the best finisher...

    There is a thread on SRP called "Stroptober" that is packed full of Tips, Tricks, and Techniques so I will not expound on them in this thread.
    You should be looking for your stropping to not only maintain the edge but to actually improve the feel on your face. When Gillette, Schick, Wilkerson, etc etc produce their edges they apply coatings to the steel to make them slide through the hair easier.. Stropping is your chance to do the same..
    There are few facts as to what Stropping actually does to the fine edge of a Straight Razor but most all experienced users agree it does make the shave feel better when you learn to strop correctly

    Take some time learning how to improve your Stropping technique, and it will reflect in the overall shave quality.

    Hope this helps...
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