• Beginners Tips: June 2013

    Once again it is time to think about another article to write as I read many of the posts that come onto SRP each month..

    I try and write an article each month but now and then life gets hectic and one gets missed

    This month let's discuss Simplicity.

    We don't see quite as much posting about simple shaving on here, mostly I believe because most people that practice it come here gain the info they need and move on to other things.. The forum is filled with many of us that are more Hobbyists and therefore write endlessly about the minutia that we love so much..

    Let's take a moment and discuss just what is needed for shaving, now keep in mind this is just my opinion but it was exactly what I used for over 20 years to get DFS results..

    (2) Straight Razors
    A Leather Strop
    A Brush
    Shaving Soap or Cream
    A Stone/Hone that is capable of touching-up the edges

    This is really all one needs for shaving.

    What happens is that many of us start taking more steps toward refinement of all the aspects of this hobby and this is when things get complicated..

    How many of you experienced people take a step back and do a KISS shave now and then, I do just to keep myself grounded in reality, my last was Father's Day..

    I used my "Barber's Hone Razor" yes I actually keep a razor that has only been kept sharp using a BH since 2007.. I stropped it using my original Illinois #831 that I bought back in 1981, yes it has some nicks along the edge but it is still a perfectly serviceable strop..
    Thinking of Pops, I used an old coffee mug with Williams shave soap double stacked in the bottom, whipped up a lather using a $5 Eveready Brush from Walmart, with some time and technique I got a nice creamy lather...
    A quick multi-directional pass and a clear water touchup was all it took for a DFS followed by Original Mennen's Skin Bracer, this took me back to a time of watching Pops shave in the morning and it also keeps me in touch with the fact that there are many people here that just want a close comfortable shave..

    So those of you that are here at SRP who are just wanting to know what it takes to get a great shave using a Straight Razor, keep in mind that there is a simple easy path also...

    As always to the Senior Members take some time and share your experience about KISS shaves on this thread
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